Hello all!

“The trend towards a knowledge-based economy has emphasized the importance of universities as repositories of valuable human capital. In particular, the accelerating shift to high technology and information technology economy requires sustained human resource development and training. Driven by globalization and pressures to teach and train knowledgeable, skilled and competitive professionals,
universities face a huge challenge in increasing access to higher education and improving the quality of higher education against the stark reality of decreasing resources.

Fundamental to the creation of qualified human resources is an accessible, effective and efficient higher education system, particularly when governments are counting on university graduates to be competitive in creating wealth for their country. Universities are therefore compelled to be innovative and lead by using cutting-edge technology to meet these expectations.” –UNESCO.

And there are doubts among educators about many things out of which the prime concern should be the effective both in terms of feasibility and cost.

This blog would be used to share various insights on using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as education tools for Higher (Senior) Secondary Education as well as Higher Education.

The blog aims at discussing pedagogical imagination. Yes, Pedagogical imagination.

Pedagogical imagination is the important element when it comes to planning learning scenarios and also an important element when it comes to assessing whether a specific learning material can be used for the purpose in question. It is also essential for creating newer techniques of evaluation of students and the learning scenario as well.

Society (and hence education) is not about learned people anymore, it is about learning people .

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