Food connects

The lock down forced due to COVID 19 saw people trying out a variety of dishes, things that they had never tried so far. I was one of them. But the difference was that I decided to be as frugal as I could be. This meant usually using three ingredients and never more than five! This led me to experiment with different cuisines- basically Indian and European, digging into the traditional, simple cooking, one -dish meals (my favourite) of both cuisines and viola! the basics remain just the same! Just a bit here and there, a different type of sauce/curry/gravy but deep within, it is the same. Exactly, like deep within we humans are the same. Food connects. People. Cultures. Memories.

So, with this series of a separate blog, do try out to experiment with these recipes along with reading the insights. If you like to cook, like to experiment as I do, hopefully you will enjoy this segment. But prepared to have simple, tasty, no fuss, something that you can come up with in a jiffy.

Also, that there would be no measurements for the ingredients. Why? Because just put your heart into it and you will know when it is just right.

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  1. Yes, I do agree as it was always said by our loving mother(Aai) that the best ingredient in any recipe is “LOVE” -(Prem)


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