Reminiscing the Cultural Past of Goa

अर्धा माडार चडून हात सोडचे न्हय. Literally translated means : one should not let go after climbing halfway up a coconut tree. Just a way to mean that abandoning a work midway is disastrous. But what is worth noticing is how our elements of our immediate surroundings get embedded in our ‘culture’ and how it evolves! Coconut amongst many other things is embedded in the Goan culture like other coastal cultures of India as well. The influence of Portugal is undeniable. And Goa is much more than beaches. Through this photo blog, I take you on a small virtual tour of one splendid place -an ethnographic museum- The Goa Chitra.

You will be amazed to know what ONE person can do, for this museum is a personal collection of Victor Hugo Gomes- an artist, whose passion is restoration. Oh, you should hear him speak! I was fortunate enough. You cannot remain untouched by his palpable passion.

So, till you can make it to Benaulim, also known for it serene beach, do make it a point to visit this place- The Goa Chitra, come let’s go inside and take a look at artefacts classified into three collections here: the Goa Chitra (traditional crafts and tools), Goa Chakra (the carts) and Goa Cruti (Colonial past).

So, next time you visit Goa, remember that there is a lot more than beaches and booze. Do look around!

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