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The only other thing than sunlight that reaches farthest corners of the earth is the Radio. Stories in the audio form. The podcasts!

Presenting two types of Podcasts: One Exclusively based on Chemistry, the other is storytelling.

Che-Mystery- The stories of Chemistry.

The stories of scientists, specifically chemists, their struggles, failures, perseverance, hopes, victories and ecstasy, foibles and genius- all that makes science very human. Do listen. Use it in your class. Share it with fraternity of Science and History

Kahaanikaar: The Story-Teller

We all love to listen to stories. So, here are the stories as narrated by me, in my style as podcasts. They are folktales all over the world majorly. Hop on. Immerse in the stories. There is always something to take back

This is the latest one that is done for THEATRE PROFESSIONALS- EDUCATION.

Stories of the starsEpisode 1: Orion

In case you are looking out for a story telling sessions for your school

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