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Chemistry Housie! (Fun Chemistry -Part 1)

These games were devised when I and Juliet Miranda, my first boss (!) and Head of Dept, Chemistry, Royal College, Mumbai, had to conduct a summer vacation course for 8-11 year old kids for learning Chemistry! Now, teaching Chemistry in higher secondary school or college is totally different as compared to taking a “fun chemistry”… Continue Reading →

Math Pickle (Or any subject for that matter)

A Math game to understand the relation amongst some important entities. This one here, is done for Geometry, which is unfortunately feared by many for its abstract nature. You can use this concept for Algebra, any of the Sciences or any other subject for that matter! This one is devised to suit grade 6 and… Continue Reading →

Sharpen the Senses (Sensory Learning)

A game to enhance sensory learning and increase observation and thinking skills. Usually, teachers in educational settings focus a lot on visual senses. Think of the times when your teachers showed you pictures, charts, etc of things that you can definitely find around! Overemphasis of one sense dumb down the other senses whereas the fact… Continue Reading →


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